• Ion Exchange Resin Softener Filtration System

    Ion Exchange Resin Softener Filtration System

    Water softener is hard water through the cation exchange resin with a softener through the carbonate ion exchange resin in the water to absorb magnesium calcium ion release sodium ion replacement of the role of hard water into soft water to prevent the scale for the production of a variety of boiler or bad influences

  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

    Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

    Reverse osmosis (Reverse osmosis), also known as RO, reverse osmosis, is a way to purify water. The principle is the use of osmosis, the water (low solution) and salt water (high solution) placed in a tube in the middle to allow water through a semi-permeable membrane separated from water can be seen from the low osmotic pressure Solution) to a place with a high osmotic pressure (high solution). However, if the force in the high-tension solution, you can see the water from the high osmotic pressure flow to the place where the osmotic pressure.
    The Company can be based on customer needs to design a variety of RO water production equipment

  • Ultrafine Filtration Equipment (UF)

    Ultrafine Filtration Equipment (UF)

    Ultrafiltration (UF) is a membrane separation technology that allows the solution to be purified and separated. The ultrafiltration membrane system is the ultrafiltration membrane as the filter medium, the membrane pressure difference on both sides of the driving force of the solution separation device. Ultrafiltration membrane allows the solution of solvents (such as water molecules), dissolved solids (inorganic disk) and small molecules of organic matter through the suspension in the solution, colloid, bacteria, some viruses and proteins and other macromolecules interception, and thus To achieve the purpose of purification and separation.

  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

    Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

    Integrated water filter system design, including sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, soft water pretreatment system, RO membrane filtration system, UV + O3 sterilization system combined for a complete water system can supply schools, restaurants, factories , Suitable for drinking large occasions

  • Sedimentation Filtration Equipment

    Sedimentation Filtration Equipment

    Integrated treatment system includes chemical coagulation system, inclined plate sedimentation system, filtration system as one of the simple water treatment equipment, each hour can handle 20m3 of water, the need for coagulation, precipitation, filtration occasions

  • Coagulation - Sedimentation - Filtration - Dewatering System

    Coagulation - Sedimentation - Filtration - Dewatering System

    Integrated treatment system includes chemical coagulation sedimentation system, filtration system, sludge dewatering system as one of the simple wastewater treatment equipment, up to a day can handle 18m3 of wastewater, used in screen printing and other small but polluting quality of wastewater occasions

  • Chamberplate Type Filter Pressen

    Chamberplate Type Filter Pressen

    Standard format sludge dewatering machine, sludge dehydration can be compressed to 70% moisture content below, there are various sizes of pressure plate can choose the number of platen can also choose a large range of processing capacity options

  • Sedimentation Tank Scraper

    Sedimentation Tank Scraper

    Standard circular sedimentation tank with the central drive scraper, from 5M ~ 20M can be used

  • Dissolved Air Flotation System

    Dissolved Air Flotation System

    Similar to the role of sedimentation tank so that impurities in the water separation equipment, but the use of small air adsorption of impurities to make the proportion of light after the floating light floating principle, in the pool surface scraping sludge, the equipment space than the same volume of sedimentation tank less 75 % Of the use of space in a small space is very suitable for use

  • Biological Filter

    Biological Filter

    The use of materials used in biological treatment systems, the installation of such biological filter in the biological aeration tank so that a house to live in micro-organisms can increase the number of micro-organisms

  • Mixers


    Usually used in a variety of occasions need to stir, according to the needs of a variety of speed and installation type can be used

  • MBR System

    MBR System

    Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a new water treatment technology that combines membrane separation unit and bioprocessing unit to replace the secondary sedimentation tank in the bioreactor with the membrane component, to keep the high active sludge concentration to reduce the occupied space, And to reduce the amount of sludge by maintaining a low sludge load.

  • Oil Skimmer

    Oil Skimmer

    Mainly the use of oil than the light way to separate the water in the oil, so that grease floating to the surface after curettage

  • Auto Mechanical Bar Screen

    Auto Mechanical Bar Screen

    In the front end of the wastewater treatment system is to stop the flow of large solids into the waste water, the size of the selection of the grid to determine the thickness of the decision

  • Wastewater Recycling System (UF+RO)

    Wastewater Recycling System (UF+RO)

    UF and RO filtration and separation capacity, the waste water treatment after the discharge from the discharge port through the UF-RO system can be obtained after the pure water for the production process used in the recovery process

  • Inclined Plate Sedimentation Tank (LAMELA Plate Separators DF)

    Inclined Plate Sedimentation Tank (LAMELA Plate Separators DF)

    A settling tank for gravitational sedimentation, in which a sloping plate is used to aid in sedimentation, and at least 75% of the settling tank space can be reduced

  • Anionic Polyacrylamide,Cationic Polyacryalmide

    Anionic Polyacrylamide,Cationic Polyacryalmide

    Polyacrylamide, referred to as PAM, water-soluble polymer, widely used in petroleum, paper, metallurgy, textile, chemical, environmental protection and other fields.

  • Poly Aluminum Chlorid

    Poly Aluminum Chlorid

    Polyaluminum chloride (Polyaluminium Chloride) referred to as PAC.

  • Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate

    Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate

    Anhydrous ferrous sulfate is a white powder, crystal water is light green crystal, crystal commonly known as "green alum"